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Water Well Update

The buzz of a new water well has been a hot topic these past few days on Facebook. We had a geological survey completed a couple of weeks ago and in our area they found a fracture in the rock with probable water. The depth required for the possibility of water was 50 meters.

The well digging company showed up Monday evening to prepare for a Tuesday dig. We were so excited that we couldn't sleep. As they began digging at sunrise (apologies to the neighbors) we watched every meter the drill dug into the ground. They reached 40m...then 50m...then 60. Wait...what!?! No water? They advised we go deeper just to see if they could hit some kind of moisture. Mud or something. When they hit 70 meters and not one drop of moisture we knew it was dry. After hours of prayer and expectations, nothing but rock. To say we were disappointed is an understatement. Justin kicked dirt, threw a little fit most of the day, and might have even blamed Carol Baskin at one point. (Ok...maybe that last one was just for a chuckle) Now you say, you guys are missionaries. You can't act like that. But sometimes when you're expecting something big and it doesn't happen your emotions take over. We had our moment but the time our heads hit the pillow we were at peace.

Today we woke to a new day. The realization that God is in control is very evident each and every day. Throughout this whole pandemic we've had to rely on God for so many things. The way we do ministry, the ability to even get to town to shop for food (police stops, roadblocks with no access, temperature scans) vehicle breakdowns, isolation, social distancing, don't sneeze or cough in public or run the risk of being escorted to a hospital in rural Eswatini for testing. Everything has been flipped upside down.

Is this a test? Yes it is. Each day God puts us to a test. Do we always pass the test? Of course not. But He expects that. It's the lessons were learn and who we put our trust in that counts.

So today we turn to Him. We turn to Him to reveal His plans for this situation and community. So the well didn't produce water. God stills gets the glory for everything. Is it that the community saw that we were invested in helping them? Is what God will reveal in the future so much better than our original plan? At this point I don't think we're supposed to know. So we are still and praying for God's direction forward. We ask you to do the same. Pray for Him to reveal His plans to us. We have ideas on what we think should happen but we'll wait for confirmation.

Thank you to all who pray with us and a huge thanks to all who have supported this project. We guarantee that the funds donated will not go to waste but will bring a better quality of life to this community. People will know God and His power during this pandemic.

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