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Crying out in Faith

As 2024 has begun so have the phone calls. Everyday social workers are scrambling to find a safe place for a new baby who is in crisis. And with heavy hearts we have to say "there is no more room". The words are so hard to say. As many of you know we squeezed in a new one this past week. The circumstances of the child and mother were terrible and he needed care immediately. That brought our total to 8 which is 2 over the number we agreed to with the government. This past week we had conversations with social workers about the future of the children that we've had for some time now. These overwhelmed workers are doing their best with what resources they have to either move the child to a long-term orphanage or fixing the issues at home for that child to return. Either way it's a long process with no quick fixes.


Josiah is the 5-day old boy we welcomed home this week. We felt in our hearts that God was saying that we needed to say "Yes". We made extra room for him and drove to pick him up. We began working on his feeding right away. He was born at a normal weight but due to mom not knowing how to feed him he had not been taking in enough to sustain him. We were up around the clock feeding him to get him back to healthy. Today he is doing really well and gaining weight each day.

So many times in our ministry God has asked us to say "YES". And because we're human we struggle because of overthinking the situation. Also, when you become tired or over worked your faith begins to wane. You struggle and the future picture becomes smaller.

Mercy (aka Peanut)

You have been following with us on her eczema journey. We've been holding out on catching everyone up with progress but as soon as we see's gone. She has good days and bad days. Recently we were seeing really good days. We got her allergy testing back and put things in place to keep her well. Two days ago, we were praising because her skin was beautiful and healthy looking. It was the best it had looked in a really long time. Then that night it was a complete opposite. Noticing a small patch of eczema on her neck began the investigation of the rest of her body under her clothes. When we stripped her down for inspection it was right back to the beginning. Skin was flaking off, hives had come up, large patches of eczema were everywhere, and areas began to bleed because of her scratching. This child has faced the fire with this eczema.

A pic of her body tonight

Crying out for help!

This new year has brought so many challenges and it's just beginning. And just like you at home reading this we too are feeling the financial crunch. Food, fuel, supplies, and diapers have all increased in price this year. Peanuts situation brings extra medical visits and cost to keep her well. Diapers flow out of this place as quick as we can bring them in. The aunties do a tremendous job of not wasting food but it's a large part of our grocery runs each and every week. Maintenance projects around the house have been put on hold because they're not on top of the list but will soon need attention to keep the house secure. The "to do" list is always full.

This is where we "cry out". Why? Because God has asked us to say "YES". Just like we stated above He challenges us every day to stretch that faith muscle. When we began this ministry, we shared with you there would be times when God would challenge us to be faithful. To believe in His Will and process. So here is our faithful plea:

To help with the extra cost, maintenance, medical, and basic necessities we need to do additional fundraising for this year. That total is $50,000. And to be truthful and honest with you while typing this I first put $40,000 and felt a huge conviction of not being faithful. For a couple of days, we have struggled to put this into words. Why? Because it's a huge amount. But it's the number that we've talked about for days and truly believe it's the number God is asking us to believe in.

Thank you for taking the time to read our hearts cry. We've never hid our issues from you and when we've shared our hearts you in return have strengthened our faith by taking on the challenge.

Bless you all. If you have ANY questions, please email or message us and we would be honored to answer them.

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