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Growing so fast!

Good morning from Eswatini!

I’m sitting here writing this and listening to all the chatter and playing from the kids. They are such a joy in our lives. They are growing so fast and everyday is something new. New words being spoken. New skills being mastered. New emotions lol. Blessing turned 2 in November, Ellie will be turning 2 in February and Peanut will be 2 in March. That means we will have 3 two year olds at the same time 😂

It’s amazing how each child has a unique personality and gifts from God. I watch Blessing building complex towers out of blocks and James beating his drum in perfect time and Ellie playing with all the medical toys and taking care of everyone. They were born with these gifts and we are so blessed to be able to encourage them and give them confidence. Maybe they will be doctors, architects, or worship leaders. With God the possibilities are endless.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone got a new stuffed animal and an a noise making toy. They were so excited and played until they fell asleep.

We had our annual Christmas party for the aunties and we had a blast. We had pizza and ice cream. Two things that some of the ladies had never had before. If that doesn’t put life in perspective I don’t know what will. Wow!

There were lots of gifts given and everyone received a surprise bonus. It was a day to celebrate the aunties who take such good care of our babies. They are the real heroes!

It’s January and that means the Swazi parents have to pay school fees and buy uniforms for their children. It is a hard time for parents with the added expenses. We were able to help all of our aunties children go to school this year. Their kids have a future!

That is because of you. Our partners who so selflessly give , so that we can show God’s love and give them a hope and a future. You are amazing! We continually thank God for you and pray for you!

We pray you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating God’s gift, Jesus, with your family and friends.

Wishing you a glorious new year of 2024!

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