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Spring has sprung!

Spring is here and with it comes the rain and plowing season! Justin has been up and down the mountain the last two weeks plowing for the community. It is truly a blessing to be able to do this for them. Thank you so much to those who helped us purchase the tractor!

The kids were so happy to go outside yesterday after a week of rain. We are a full house of 7 little ones. 4 girls and 3 boys. Our youngest, Winnie just turned 6 months old. She is growing so much. She loves her bouncer seat and started eating soft foods this week. She absolutely loves them and so far sweet potato is a favorite!

Our oldest Joshua is now 3. He loves to talk and is definitely the social director of the bunch. Blessing is never far behind him. They are two peas in a pod.

Ava started walking this week so she is toddling around the house with the others. That makes 6 out of 7 walking now! It keeps us busy for sure.

Ellie and Peanut are struggling with their eczema this week so they are getting lots of care and attention. But that doesn't keep them down. They are as sassy and sweet as ever.

Exciting Mission trip news!

In May 2024 we will be hosting a team here in Eswatini. This is an opportunity for YOU to join us and do some amazing things! We will be visiting the community and ministering to them, working on the farm and in the garden, loving on the kiddos, and so much more! There's something for everyone to do!

The deadline for sign up is 30 November. The deposit is $100 to reserve your spot. If you would like more information just send us a message via Facebook or email us at

It's going to be lifechanging and you don't want to miss out!

Ministry Needs

The ministry is currently in need of a new washer and dryer. We bought them second hand 6 years ago and they have been work horses for all the laundry they had to do. They hung on for as long as they could and made a valiant effort but sadly they both have stopped working. As you can imagine there is alot of laundry with 7 little ones. We were able to hang our laundry to dry but now that rainy season is here it will be impossible to do that. The cost for the washing machine is $500 and the dryer is $800.

We are also preparing for our staff Christmas party. We want to show the aunties who care for and love our babies how much we appreciate them. We would like to have a lunch and buy gifts for each lady. They are truly a blessing from the Lord!!!

If you would like to help us with one of these needs or maybe you would like to become a monthly partner and help us provide for our babies each month you can click on the donate button and it will give you all the information.

We are blessed and thankful for all of you that continue to pray for us and support this ministry! We are all laborers for the Kingdom of God!

With Love,

The Carson Family

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