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Urgent request!

Summer is here and with it brings the heat. Temperatures are reaching almost 100 degrees and the rain has been scarce. The rain we have had has not been enough to keep the ground saturated. The ground is getting dryer and harder with every scorching day. In certain regions of Eswatini many cattle have started to die due to lack of water and green grass. Up until last week our area had only seen affects at the lake level. It is now resting at 64% and declining everyday.

Today we turned on the tap and found no water. Bone dry! We hiked to the water source and discovered it was drastically diminished and blocked with trash and mud. We cleaned the screen in hopes that the water will begin to flow again. But it is only a matter of time before the source dries up completely and we only have half a tank of water remaining at our home(290 gallons). There are two issue we are dealing with now. The first is we are on the end of the line of water and our neighbors will be storing up water before it gets to us. And that is good. They need the water! The second issue is the water being contaminated. The community's cattle have been crossing through and drinking the water. This can be a huge source of E Coli and other bacteria that cause diarrhea and poor health. We are educating the community on boiling water before they drink it to avoid any community illnesses.

We need to drill a water well for ministry to continue in this community. We need to have access to clean water for ourselves and the community. Please help! We are reaching out to everyone who can give financially, through prayer, community help, local businesses, and you. For us to be sustainable for water a new borehole cost $10,000. This is for drilling, piping, borehole pumps, and a proper filtration system. A turn key project.

Every dollar gets us closer to completing this well! Please visit our link to give at . Let us know through email or Facebook messenger if you have given so we can designate that to the borehole. It is through you faithful giving we are able to provide ministry to so many in this community.

In Christ,

Justin and Jennifer Carson

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