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Gogo's Tears of Joy

As we approached Gogo's (grandmother) homestead she saw us. She was curious if we were passing by or coming to see her. As we entered her gate her expression changed from curiosity to astonishment. We were carrying pounds of rice, beans, and maize meal. She realized in that moment that God had answered her prayers.

You see, Gogo had no food. None. She was praying for a miracle and God gave her one. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing and the thanks pouring from her mouth. She always attends True Hearts Bible study and has a strong faith in God. She knew God would not fail her.

Since the start of Covid 19 in Eswatini we have been in lockdown. With the loss of jobs and limited transport the majority of our nation is struggling to eat. You can read story after story from missionaries and organizations on the ground who are seeing this everyday.

We are thankful to so many of you who have gave during this time. We know it has been a financial sacrifice for you as Covid affects us all. Please know that you are saving lives! Our prayer for you is that the Lord returns many blessings to you and gives you the faith of Gogo.

We continue to provide food and the hope of Jesus during this pandemic. We recently finished harvesting our maize field and are anxiously awaiting the drilling of our well. We have been told is should be in the next week. Praise God!

If you would like help to provide food to these families you can click the Donate Now button on any of our pages or click the Support Us tab. $20 will feed a family for a month.

Continue following us on our True Hearts Eswatini Facebook page for daily stories.

(Above) Just one out of many families we've been able to help with food.

(Below) Our maize we recently harvested with local help.

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1 Comment

May 13, 2020

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!!! God's protection and abundant blessings be yours!

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