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Your winter and our spring.

On our side of the world November and December birth so many things. All of the animals have their babies. We see tiny zebra, warthogs, and other animals running around. We see the rains come and soak the dry land and make it fertile. The flowers bloom. The trees flower and produce fruit. Babies are born. Everything brings life.

As we reflect on 2022 it is absolutely surreal. This time last year we had a small garden, a few chickens, and an empty baby home. We were still clinging to God's promises and praying that what He had placed on our hearts would come to pass.

Well, here we are one year later, and the farm is thriving and blessing us and our community.

We have 86 chickens, a new tractor, and enough food from our garden for our baby home and our community. Justin has been working sun up to sun down to make sure everyone around us has freshly plowed fields and seedlings to grow their own food and provide for their families. We could fill buckets full of thankful tears from the widows, parents, and children who will not wake up every day and wonder if they will be able to eat that day. That has been their reality for years.

Every morning we wake up to the sights and sounds of babies. Crying, cooing, laughing, and stinky diapers! It's all an absolute miracle. The sound of our precious 6 babies that God has placed here is the biggest blessing we have ever received. For these little ones this is their first year of life. A life that started out cold, harsh, and alone. But God redeemed it all. There are six baby beds with little souls sleeping peacefully every night. God never fails.

Our little ones have some of the best aunties taking care of them. We have been able to employ 11 ladies to help us with their care. All of whom were unemployed this time last year. They pour their heart and souls into raising these babies. We are truly amazed by their love.

We will be having a Christmas party this Friday to celebrate the babies, aunties and the gentleman who helps with the farm. We will be blessing them with food, gifts, and a special bonus. Thank you to all of you who give graciously so that we can take care of these babies and bless the people who help us do that.

We look forward to posting a group picture with all of us on Friday. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

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