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You walk with us...

Have you ever been so happy that you thought your heart would actually explode? Sounds crazy but that's how I feel each week as the ladies in our community come to our home for bible study. Long before we moved to this community the Lord was planting seeds in the hearts of these women. They longed for something more.

God has made one thing clear to me in the last few months. These women have been forgotten, abused, pushed aside, abandoned, told they were nothing and deserve nothing. But God.....God is using each week to speak love to these women and offer a relationship with Him that brings forgiveness, freedom, love, and a purpose.

These women are my friends and my sisters in Christ and I pray for each of them to walk in the freedom of the Lord and experience His grace and goodness. I see that happening in their lives and it is amazing! Every woman that has stepped foot in this house has received a bible. For most, it is the first bible they have ever received and they cling to it!

Today we sang Wahamba Nathi, Siyabonga Jesus! (You are walking with us, we thank you Jesus!)

I hope as you read this you are reminded of His love and how he is walking with you through it all.

In Christ,


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