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That "Seven Letter" Word

No matter how many times you hear Covid19 the same thoughts ring in our heads. Not only has this world experienced a viral pandemic but with it comes a destroyed economy. What we have come to realize is that politics, leaders, and businessmen can't "fix" the situation. All we can do is rely on the One true God who can.

Eswatini has been in lock down for several weeks now. Since there is no work or allowing movement from homes, many are facing starvation. With this lock down has also come inflation of goods. The monetary rate is now operating at "junk status". We are seeing the ordinary staples inflate. When you put together no work and inflation, you will see people begin to starve.

We began a few weeks ago surveying our community. Trying to get a feel of who is struggling and who is able to make ends meet. For the past two weeks we've been handing out food to our neighbors who are struggling to not only feed themselves but feed their children as well.

Today we delivered more food. As we stepped into one home today we surveyed just what they had to eat. On the small table was a small bag of carrots. That is it...nothing else. When we pulled out the rice, mealie meal, sugar, oil, and beans they could do nothing but grin ear to ear. Their prayer had been for God to supply their family with simple staples of food. Each and every time we hand out a food parcel you see relief and an answered prayer. Joy overwhelms them and they can't put into words on how they feel.

We always leave by ending with a prayer. We pray for faith, health, and a continued supply of food. For them those three things are at the top of their prayer list. We are so thankful that we have an opportunity to help with their needs. Because of your support we are able to provide.

Help us to continue this mission. For only $20 you can help supply a family with food. The supply, depending on how many are in the homestead, will last almost a month. You can give on our Ministry Support page. Thank you to all who have given, you've blessed many!

Don't forget to follow us on our True Hearts Eswatini Facebook page. We post more daily updates and pictures there.

We've posted a few photos from our deliveries. Because they are our neighbors we have blocked out their faces but have left their most beautiful part....smiles!

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