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Spring is here and blessings are blooming!

It's been quite a roller coaster the last few months. We have seen rioting, looting, food and fuel shortages, closing of schools, and just an overall political and economic instability in the country. We continue our calling to serve the people here and are not deterred. There will always be trouble in the world. But we know the One who has overcome the world! God is still working and we are seeing this everyday!

The Farm

Our farm is growing by leaps and bounds. Our baby chicks have grown up and have started producing so many eggs! We have been able to bless our community and the widows at our church with fresh eggs! Our garden is full of fruits and vegetables that we will be sharing with those who are in need and our children that are soon to arrive. More on that at the end :)

We have had an abundance of roosters hatching the last few months and God knew what He was doing. Many of our friends in the community needed food or roosters to breed with their chickens. We gave all the roosters away and they have either fathered new chicks or been cooked! God is good. One of our neighbors is an elderly man who lives in a thatch hut. He works hard everyday to provide for his children and grandchildren. We brought him a rooster and he was dancing for joy! We could tell so many stories of how God provided to widows and orphans at just the right time with His creation. Such a simple gift of a chicken changes lives!


Covid continues here just as it does across the world. We have lost many of our community elders to this pandemic. Gogo(Grandma) Grace who had been coming to Jen's Bible study for years lost her battle with Covid last month. We take comfort that she is now rejoicing in Heaven. Her smile and kindness will be greatly missed.

Thanks to a donation from the U.S., eSwatini received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. We were uncertain for a long time if we would be able to get the vaccine but praise God we did! We and over 200,000 others have received the vaccine and the number grows everyday.

Clean Water

Justin has been working with the community to improve the water sources. As many of you know we drilled for a well but were unable to hit water. We didn't understand God's reasoning for the well failing but it wasn't a failure in His eyes. So many relationships have grown out of these water projects and people's lives are changing. Justin has been able to minister to so many of the men in the community working along side them everyday. Fresh clean water and the Living Water are flowing here.

Baby Home

We have some very exciting news to share about the Baby Home. After years of paperwork, phone calls, meetings, delays from Covid, inspections we have reached the end! Or should we say the beginning. We have met all the requirements and passed all the inspections are just waiting for our certificate to open. We have been told and are hopeful this will happen this month! Thank you for all of your prayers throughout this journey and please continue to pray for the opening this month.

We now see God's hand in everything. Things have become so clear as to His plan.

When we started this journey it was to rescue abandoned babies, a call that we sensed deeply. But God had an even bigger plan. We just had to be patient. In the last few meetings with Social Welfare our eyes were opened to something we hadn't seen. There is a group of babies and children who have nowhere to go and no one to take care of them - children born with disabilities from birth to age 5. We were asked to consider not only taking abandoned babies but babies and children with disabilities to provide them with a hope and a future. As soon as they asked we felt the spirit of God move! We immediately said yes and from there things have progressed at a quick pace. We are making special improvements to the house to meet these precious children's needs and are so ready to show them God's love and give them the best start they can have. We are surrounded by loving people in our community and fellow missionaries who are on this journey with us. God knit all of our lives together for such a time as this! The plan for abandoned babies remains the same. We have just made provisions to welcome all of God's children into our home.

We will keep you updated!

With Love,

The Carsons

  1. Two days of eggs!

  2. Where one of our roosters went to live

  3. Justin getting his Covid shot

  4. Water Project

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