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Seven Years!!!

This past week we celebrated 7 years in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). What a journey it has been! We have had some mountain top moments and trekked through some deep valleys. All by the grace of God. As we started 2020 we asked the Lord for wisdom. After such a traumatic 2019 we needed to know if our time in Africa was finished. I think anyone would understand if we had packed up and returned to the US. But, we didn't want to make emotional decisions. We wanted to be in the will of God. And if the answer was to stay we needed healing.

After much time in prayer, God brought healing and peace to our hearts. Our time in Africa is not finished! We are rested, healed, and pressing on towards the goal. There is so much more to be done for His kingdom here. He has strategically placed us in this country and this community to bring glory to Him.

Health and Covid - 19

Eswatini, a country already in poverty and lacking in basic healthcare, is just now seeing a rise in cases and winter will make the pandemic's timing even worse. Many people are already compromised by HIV, TB, uncontrolled diabetes, and high blood pressure. We are praying for the Swati people to survive and persevere.

We are doing everything we can to assist our community during this time. We have delivered food to over 150 families and are continuing this ministry weekly. Many of the Swati people have either lost their jobs or don't have money to buy even a loaf of bread. So many times we have gone to someone's homestead and they broke down praising God for his provision because they had nothing to eat.

We have been providing blood pressure checks and wound care so that the vulnerable in the community do not have to travel via bus to the clinic and be exposed just for a blood pressure check or a dressing change. We have been assisting with purchase of medications for the same reason. For those that do have to travel, we have provided masks and transport money. We just continue to do the things that God puts before us knowing that He is in control and gets all the glory! For such a time as this we were placed here.

Water Update

In the last update we explained the issues of getting a water well for the property. After much prayer, discussions with the community, more prayer, and more insight from the community we have come up with a solution. We have found a new source (spring) that we were able to tap into. We have buried several hundred feet of pipe to the property from the source. Along the way we were able to update and install new water taps for homesteads. The community has been impressed with our efforts and now trust us to help them improve many other springs in the community. Over the next year we will be working with community leaders to help bring clean water to as many homes as we can. So what we saw as a defeat God has definitely used to help more than we could ever imagine.

Eswatini After Midnight

The past few weeks we have had some really exciting things happen after midnight. Wild fires that almost destroyed our neighbor's house, winds up to 65mph that shook loose metal roofs, and oh by the way we delivered a baby! Got a call one night to help our neighbour's daughter who was "sick". We grabbed as many medical supplies as we could not, knowing what the issue was. We arrived just as baby was arriving and helped her enter this world. Good thing Jen keeps a medical bag handy and Justin is a good assistant lol. After several calls to the local "911" we eventually learned that an ambulance was not available so we loaded them up in the car. We drove mom, baby, gogo, and ourselves through the very dark winding roads of Eswatini to the local hospital 40 minutes away. Mom is doing well and baby girl is still in the hospital because she is too small to come home and has complications from being so premature(6 weeks early). Join us as we pray for her health and future.

Prayer List

  • For this community and country to see relief from the Covid-19 (Please know this is also a world wide prayer for us as well)

  • For solutions as we continue working on water issues for this community

  • For health of the new born baby

  • That through all things and people we come in contact with God receives the GLORY!

Continue following us on True Hearts Eswatini Facebook page. Be Blessed!

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