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Praise God! He has fulfilled His Promise!

Last week we received a call that an infant was found in a park. We rushed to meet the Social Worker on the side of the highway to pick up this beautiful baby boy. No name, no age, a sweet child of God who needed a safe place to call home. We have named him Sibusiso, which means Blessing! He is healthy and thriving here at The True Hearts Baby Home!

Flash back to 2015 when God whispered to Justin to buy a piece of land in the middle of a bush community where no one spoke English. I really thought he was crazy but knew God was speaking to him. We didn't know what we would do with the land. We just knew we had to go to the Chief and purchase it. The favor we received from then on has been nothing short of a miracle. In a place that was not our home, God made it our home and our people.

He has woven a tapestry through the years that is now a beautiful masterpiece.

If you know our story, you know that we have gone to the brink of death and returned to open The True Hearts Baby Home. The enemy wanted nothing more than for us to give up and leave. But one look at that precious baby and all the struggles seem like a distant memory. We have scars, but they aren't painful. Just a reminder of His faithfullness!

We will minister to the least of them. We will be a safe haven and loving place for children who are thrown away, forgotten, abused. We will be the Lord's hands and feet to these babies. As we write this we are still in awe that God has trusted us with such an important assignment. Caring for his sons and daughters is not something we take lightly. It is a great responsibility that we are honored to take on.

Thank you for your years of prayer and support that have taken us to the finish line. Or should I say, the start?!? This is only the beginning! We love each and everyone of you and pray God blesses you for your faithfulness to this ministry!

As you probably read in our last blog, True Hearts Inc., our Oklahoma Non Profit is up and running. We have also sent out information packets. We are asking that you please switch all of your giving over to True Hearts Inc from H20 by March 31st. H20 will no longer be accepting donations after March 31st. If you haven't received a packet or need help switching over or canceling, please contact us at or call Sherry @ 918-855-8096 and we will be happy to assist you with the transition! Or you can visit the Support page to see the mailing address or give online. If you would like to continue supporting us can you please make the transition by March 31st so we do not lose any donations for April. Every dollar makes a huge difference in the lives of these babies and the people we minister to here in Eswatini!

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