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October Rains


What a blessing it has been these past few weeks to finally receive rain. Finally seeing rain after experiencing a very dry winter in our region was a relief to the local farmers. There were times this past winter that you couldn't even dig a hole without almost breaking a shovel handle because the ground was so hard and dry.

Once we saw the moisture we knew it was time to plant the vegetable garden. We spoke with a local man with a tractor and plow but found ourselves waiting for over a month because his tractor broke down. This past Saturday morning Justin heard a tractor in the dense fog up the mountain and went looking for them. He made contact with a gentlemen and made a plan to have about 4500 square feet of ground plowed. The ground has been tilled and now comes the fun part of making plantable rows for vegetables. These vegetables will not only bless us but bless many who are not able to grow. Many of the vegetables will be donated to our local care point where the children will be receiving meals.


Jen was able to start bible study again with the ladies in the community a couple of weeks ago. With a spike in Covid -19 cases they felt it was best to cancel until cases lowered. We have seen a slow decrease in cases this past month. This has allowed us to be able to get back to meeting with groups again. The ladies cheered and praised God that they were able to join together again to hear His word and fellowship. And she had many new ladies join the group this month! We continue to purchase bibles for those who do not have one so that they may be able to read His word!

Each and every day is a ministry opportunity in our community. We continue to bless families in the community with food who would otherwise be without. The community always finds a way to bless us in return. This past week a local farmer brought Justin a chicken from his coop. It was the only way he could show his thanks. This past month we were able to bless him and his family with food. He was so moved that we took care of him and for the food that he wanted to show thanks with a young rooster from his farm. We are humbled and overwhelmed by his generosity!

While giving a young family food we noticed that the young wife was not feeling well. Jen questioned her in hopes of finding a cause and helping. After a long talk it was determined that she wasn't ill after all. Jen went to the local pharmacy, purchased a pregnancy test, and the young lady took it. In nine months we will be seeing a new little one running around their house! This will make 7 children they are caring for( neices, nephews, sisters, and biological children). We are taking her to the clinic for her prenatal visits and making sure their cupboards are full of nutritious food.


While we have been blessed to not contract Covid, Justin's health has not been all that great. Many of you will recall his long battle of colon issues last year. This past few weeks his colon has been very sluggish with days of not feeling well and experiencing pains. This past week the borders to South Africa opened back where we would be able to get to the doctor to seek treatment. This Wednesday he will see the doctor to see what is happening. This past August he was supposed to have his colonoscopy follow up from all the surgeries. So we do know that is one thing that will have to be scheduled on this visit. The rest we are praying is just a minor issue and can be resolved. We are trusting God to heal before we even arrive. So be in prayer for travels and doctor visits this week.

Prayer Request

* Pray for health

* Pray for our community

* Pray for lots of veggies

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