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News from Eswatini

Hello everyone,

We know that each of you are experiencing this pandemic and we are praying for you.

We wanted to give you an update about what is going on here in Eswatini, opportunities for ministry, and share some exciting news about the future.

Although many people are being tested they have only had one person confirmed with COVID-19. We are praying that it stays that way. With over a 1/4 of the population living with HIV, their immune systems are already severely comprised.

They have closed all the schools here, cancelled church services, and meetings of over 50. Self distancing in public and isolating at home is encouraged. So we have stocked up on groceries and supplies and are isolating in our small community outside of the city.

There is an issue that has come up with the closure of the schools. The children here have a meal at school but for most of them it is their only meal. With schools closed for months they are at risk for starvation. We have decided to put together care packages for the families in our community. We feel that this is what the Lord would have us to do. We will be putting together food and items for hand washing that will take care of a family for a month. If you would like to donate, the cost to help a family is $20. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers as we minister to them in this time of need.

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please go to our Support Us page and choose how you would like to give. Mark the financial donation as Relief Buckets.

Exciting News!

When we began this ministry our prayer and hope was to not do this alone. We have prayed for help and partners for this ministry for some time now. God has answered that prayer!

Our ministry partners Barry and Pam Worcester(H20 and their daughter Lily visited Eswatini last November on a vision trip. Their prayer has always been what could they do to not only further the Kingdom of God at home but in Africa as well. God has burdened their hearts for those living and serving in Eswatini.

So...we are happy to announce their decision to move and serve the people of Eswatini!

Their estimated arrival is March 2021. They will be serving along side us in the Baby home, discipleship programs, and new ministries we hope to share with you in the future. This will strengthen our ministry here in Eswatini and allow us to go deeper with our community and these precious babies we will be bringing in. Please be in prayer for their fund raising and them as a family as they prepare for this transition. We will give more updates on them as we go throughout the year. They will be such a blessing!

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