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New Babies!

Many of you have seen our post on Facebook that True Hearts Baby Home received its first baby. It has been exciting to hear cries and giggles in the home that was built just for them. What seemed like an uphill battle at times has turned in to God's perfect timing!

Meet "Blessing". He came to us as an emergency placement at the age of 3 months. He was our very first placement. He has been our "learning baby" as we figured out what he needed and how we could care for him. He is very content and always smiling. He is definitely happy to be here. Auntie Pam has been working on "tummy time" with him and he is already holding his head up and getting stronger every day.

Him and his mother were living homeless in a local park and were taken to a police station. We received a call that night and met the social worker on the side of a highway to bring him home. His mother has done a wonderful job of taking care of him she just needs some extra attention to get things sorted. Once things are safe again our prayer and hope is they can reunite together again. Pray for Blessing and pray for mom. May Peace and healing continue in their lives.

Meet "Mercy". This little girl was found abandoned in a pit latrine. Thankfully the Lord blessed her with powerful lungs and some people tore down the toilet and fetched her out of the filth. Taken to a local hospital she was treated for infections and low birth weight. Today at 13 days old she weighs just 4 pounds (1.8kg). She is very healthy, eats very well, and loves all the extra attention she gets every day. There is no information on mom at this time but we pray that she seeks the Lords guidance in this time of hopelessness.

As you can see both babies have very different stories. But both are placed here for the very reason we were called to build this home. Every one who has walked this path, gave financially, and prayed over it is now seeing the fruits. May God continue to bless this home and the babies who enter the doors. May it be a refuge for them to succeed in life and know that there is a wonderful Father who loves them.

We currently have 3 ladies from our community that are helping in the home. In the future we hope to introduce them to you so you will know how to pray for them. They are definitely sent by God and placed here for this very purpose. All the ladies are born again Christians and love the Lord very much. We couldn't ask for a better group of ladies.

As more and more babies come in we will update you!

Blessings from the Carsons!

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