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May brings smiles and laughter!

May has been an eventful month for True Hearts. The babies are growing by leaps and bounds. Laughter can be heard throughout the house and there is no shortage of smiles!

Each of our babies has a heartbreaking story to be told. Some were abandoned and left to die and others were given up out of complete desperation. We thank God that He has placed us here to rescue these babies in their darkest hours. Mercy, Blessing, and Grace have been with us for 2 months and the progress they have made emotionally and physically is nothing short of miraculous.

Right now, Jen is in the United States sharing about these precious little ones and the wonderful women that help us take care of them. We currently have 8 ladies from our community working in the baby home. All of the ladies were unemployed and taking care of many children of their own. They are literally putting food on their table for the first time ever. Before, they borrowed, begged, or just went without. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and having nothing to feed your children? The first paycheck they received brought tears of joy and audible praises to God. We wish you could have witnessed that moment. They told us that this is not a job but a calling that God placed on their life. Amen to that! The confidence it has brought to each of these ladies is amazing!

If you would like to follow the babies you can request to join True Hearts Babies on Facebook. It is a closed group to protect the privacy of our precious little ones. Also, if you would like to receive updates via email, click on the Contact page and submit your name and email.

We are humbled that God has put us in Eswatini to serve His people. We are able to do this by His grace and those of you who so selflessly give of your finances.

Would you consider donating to this ministry? Your donations provide so many things like diapers, formula, medical care, jobs, and an opportunity for people to know Jesus!!!

Click the Donate button on the top of this page to learn more.

Please pray for our babies, staff, Jen's last few weeks in the United States, and Justin in Eswatini taking care of things there. Thank you prayer warriors!

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