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At the beginning of this year Justin began praying about going deeper with community. Would it be more discipleship, jobs, gardens? After much prayer and listening to the needs of the people it was clear what was needed. A tractor.

After many months of prayer and being sure of the Will of God we began sharing our hearts with you. Many had questions and encouraging words. Many said we can help financially. Once we hit $14,000 it seemed to slow down a little bit we were not worried. We've seen God work this way many times and believe in His timing.

Justin posted a video and just shared his heart for the people of this community. You listened, you prayed, and then you gave more.

Within one week the goal had been met!

In the next few weeks a brand new John Deere tractor, plow, and harrow will be delivered. Even though it will be delivered to us it will be a huge blessing to this whole community as we use it to bless many families.

Thank you to all who sent messages, prayed, or gave financially. I can guarantee it will not only improve their lives but bring a new hope to this community! Watch for videos. They'll be coming soon.

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