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Khisimusi Lamuhle! Christmas Greetings!

We hope this finds you well and celebrating the birth of our Saviour!

What a year this has been! Along with the devastation of Covid, Eswatini turned violent and unpredictable. It is the only time in 8 years we have faced fear and uncertainty for this country. Schools and businesses were burned, people injured and killed, roads blocked, rioters and army filling the streets, food, medicine, and fuel shortages. We asked the Lord what we should do and His response was stay! So we stayed! And God blessed that! What the enemy meant for harm, God used for His glory!

God has shown us so many things and brought so many opportunities for ministry during this time it is amazing! We have fed our community, provided medicines and healthcare when hospitals and clinics were closed, and continued to preach the word of God. We have seen families changed and men become leaders in their homes and community.

We can already see God has big plans for 2022! We are waiting with open arms to receive our first baby to the True Hearts Baby Home. We have been meeting with the government frequently and doing everything they ask even when it doesn't make sense. We rest in His assurance and peace He will bring this vision to life to be His hands and feet to these tiny ones!

We also have some exciting news to share! True Hearts Inc has been approved as a Non Profit in Oklahoma! We will start receiving donations in 2022! This is a huge answer to years of prayer. God has led us to this place so we can grow the ministry and help even more people and babies in Eswatini.

We will be sending out information to our donors for the changeover. However if you would like to send an end of year gift you can still send that to H20 Church. The information is on our giving tab. We are thankful to all of our faithful donors that keep this ministry going. You faithfully listen to the Lord and he uses your giving to do the miraculous!

We pray that you and your family experience the miracle of Christmas! Peace, love, hope in our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Love from the Carsons,

Justin and Jenny

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