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His mercies are new every morning

It's almost impossible to explain what the last week has been like in eSwatini. Uncertainty, chaos, fear, and heartbreak are a few words that come to mind. In our lifetime we have never experienced a time such as this. Not knowing if the place you have called home for the past 8 years would be gone or that we would have to flee in the night.

But, over and over again the Lord would pour His peace over us and we would become calm. God brought us to the Psalms. We've read many this week and God kept whispering to us, I am your refuge, a shelter, a tower. Trust me, don't run. You are here for a purpose. That doesn't change because things around you change. We have praised Him every day He has kept us safe and thank Him for providing.

When we got word that a local church next to our home no longer had a keyboard that worked we began praying. We prayed that we could find a way for them to sing praises once again in their church. Their old keyboard had quit working and due to its age was no longer repairable and they did not have the money to replace it. Even during a time of uncertainty and when things were hard to come by we prayed that we could help with their need. Through God's provision we gifted the church with a brand new Roland keyboard. Shouts of praise were heard as we pulled up to the church and presented them with this gift. Something that would have taken them forever to raise funds for was provided. It's definitely not our doing but God's provision. Immediately they pulled it out of the box and the young boy who plays it for the church blessed us with a praise song and everyone joined in. What a beautiful moment!

God sees us, all of us. He knows our needs, He hears our pleas, and He answers.

Please continue to pray for the future of eSwatini.

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