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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. It's a day to celebrate earthly love but also God's eternal love for us! We hope you all experience God's love today!

Feed My People

When God began speaking those words to us at the first of the year we prepared ourselves for many to start lining up at the gate. In 2020 we were able to feed an enormous amount of people and that sometimes can open a door of expectation. But God's been good and He provides. Many in our area are farming and seeing their crops grow. Of course the rain has been an issue but they are still striving to take care of their families.

We have been helping where ever the Lord leads this year. Just this past week Justin was fixing a broken fence when a man from the community approached. He greeted and then came the words that break our hearts. "Mr. Carson I'm coming because I'm very hungry." Since this last lockdown due to coronavirus he had lost his job and was not able to make any income. Because he doesn't have any area to farm he is not able to grow a garden. You could tell from his face he was desperate and he knew that if he came to us we could help. We headed to town and stocked up on groceries. By that night him and many of our neighbours were fed.

Just recently a woman from the community came to us asking for help. Her house burned to the ground losing all her clothing, possessions, and food. She needed help and with the rains coming needed some shelter, food, and hope. We were able to provide her with food and supplies to help her to rebuild.

Our neighbour needed medical attention and an ultrasound because she was having issues with her pregnancy. With the baby due in June we were praying that the baby was not coming early. We got her the help she needed by getting her scanned and making sure they had food for the next few weeks. She brought her report to Jen to read and everything looked great and baby was not due in June after all. We will be seeing the little one in March! Please pray for her and the baby. We will be assisting her with her transport, hospital stay, and baby items. It is heart breaking because they don't even has one outfit for the baby. Imagine having your baby and nothing to clothe them in and no diapers, or soap for bathing.

Since God whispered those words "Feed My People" the mission for this year has become quite clear. Food, hope, and understanding. We feed their physical bodies and God nourishes their soul. Even though at times we struggle with the amount of need that surrounds us God is quick to remind us He is the one in control and He walks with us. So we keep moving forward helping where we can while trusting the Lord. We thank God He has placed us here during these trying times.

Rain Update

The last time we talked about rain we were asking to receive it. Well if you have been praying for rain, God has definitely heard your prayer as well as ours. It has rained every day since Cyclone Eloise hit land January 24 bringing lots of rain to Mozambique, South Africa, and Eswatini. The local lake before rain was only 34% full and in one week was completely full and overflowing. We haven't seen it flowing over the dam since 2018. The rain was well received at first but now it won't stop. The sun has been scarce and the ground has been saturated with rain every day since. This next week doesn't look too promising for dry weather either. With tropical storms bringing more moisture we will see those that have experienced damage to homes and crops experience more damage. Keep these countries in prayer. We've already seen the destruction from the first round of rain and we hope the next couple of weeks doesn't look the same.

Ministry Funding

At the end of 2020 we saw many step up and help us raise funds for 2021. We are still in need of 40% more to reach our $30,000 goal. This is an amount above and beyond the monthly funds we receive from our donors. It will help to provide food, medical care, bible studies, and many other ministry needs in the community. It will also help us to open the baby home here on the property. We know God has this all worked out and are allowing it to happen in His time.

As you hug or love on the Valentine in your life, know God loves you way more than that!

Justin and Jenny Carson

Here are just some of the photos from food distribution and recent flooding. Keep following us on Facebook for more day to day happenings.

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