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God always responds

If you know me at all you know I am a hard headed man. I don't always listen when I should and I need the Lord to be very clear with me.

As I was recovering from my last operation I was praying to the Lord what would He have me to do next. There are always so many needs in the community and as humans it is our emotions that can lead us and not His will. I have learned this year to be still and hear from the Lord. I prayed specifically that the Lord would bring this new ministry to my gate. I am the one who needs the burning bush, the waters to part.

God did just what He always does. He answered. He brought it to my gate. Literally!

One afternoon I was visited by the captain of the community soccer team and Boss who helps with our cattle. He introduced us and the young man explained that they wanted me to be one of their coaches. (Thanks God! Big burning bush!) I was honest and said I am not a soccer coach but I can be your spiritual coach. He was so happy and couldn't wait to tell his teammates.

So for the last few months I have been pointing these young men to the Lord. God has given me so many opportunities on and off the field to minister to these young men. God has allowed me to give them an earthly example of our Father in heaven. So many of them have never had an earthly father so it is hard to understand God as father.

I noticed right away that they did not have jerseys that matched and the other teams would make fun of them. They told me that no one saw them as a team. They were the leftovers. Because of generous donations we were able to purchase uniforms for the whole team. When they received them they were moved to tears. We thank the Lord he allowed us to take part in that moment. They felt like they were part of something for once in their lives.

These soccer games have exposed us to a whole other part of our community. Although these young men are seeking the Lord, the environment in which they play is definitely of this world. Every Saturday the community heads to the local soccer field to drink, get high, and cheer on their favorite team. And each Saturday we stand with the young men, talk about the Lord and pray over them. Each time this happens we notice the crowd getting bigger and bigger. Last Saturday as I looked up after prayer there were over 100 people listening. God has taken us to the darkness to shine a light. We are so thankful.

Most of these young men are living day to day with no money to spare. They wanted to express their thanks to God for His provision so they asked if they could come and help us plant our corn field. What a humbling moment!

What a wonderful reminder of God's provision!

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