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2 Corinthians 9:10

This week something happened and it really stunned us. True Hearts received their brand new John Deere tractor. This was a huge blessing and we are in awe of how the Lord provides. You would think the arrival of the tractor was what stunned us but it was the community's reaction. The tractor arrived on a big truck and everyone around us saw it coming. Then something astonishing happened. The people of our community came and thanked us for buying a tractor.

Yes, you read that right. They came to thank us for buying a tractor. When they saw the tractor they didn't say, wow look what Mr Carson got. They immediately thanked God for His provision and thanked us for listening to the Lord. They know without even asking that the tractor is going to plow their fields so that they can plant a harvest for their families. I honestly stood their blinking and speechless. They don't see us anymore, they only see the Lord. Anything the Lord gives it is not ours, it is everyone's. That has always been our prayer and our mission. That when our time on earth is done that people don't remember us, they remember the Lord and the things He has done.

I know this is a very short blog but there are times when words aren't enough to describe how big our God is. So to those of you that prayed, shared our posts, gave financially.....Thank you, thank you, thank you! Well done good and faithful servants. YOU are going to the ends of the earth to spread the gospel! We are in this together!

We have lots of stories coming from the families we are helping with the tractor. We will be sending those out soon. We pray you have a great day celebrating the Lord on this Sunday.

Justin and Jenny

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